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The Water Tower was opened in October 2016. We have succeeded in creating a place of high international standard.

Our restaurant has been granted awards by Gault & Millau guide, Poland 100 Best Restaurants and The Wine Spectator Magazine. The décor of the restaurant draws on The Steampunk era of the 19 th century and the world of science fiction. The Water Tower cultivates mushrooms and has its own ceramic studio.


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The main characteristic of our restaurant is creative cuisine. Our menu is a combination of local tastes and international cuisine.

First courses

Pumpkin /  „Modra Owieczka” cheese / mixed leaves salad


Tuna / ponzu / wasabi / cucumber 35,-
Beef tartare / dried tomatoes / truffle 35,-
Bao bun / duck / red onion 33,-
Beef consommé  / oxtail / mushroom 24,-
Cream of potato soup / foie gras / chokeberry 24,-


Main courses

Spinach soufflé / mixed leaves salad 29,-
Salmon / lentil / pak choi / hollandaise sauce 54,-
Halibut / cauliflower / beurre blanc sauce
Veal tongue / potato / beetroot / horseradish 45,-
Guineafowl / jerusalem artichoke / truffle / kale 65,-
Roe deer / parsnip / cherry 72,-
Beef fillet / potato / mushroom / foie gras 85,-



Homemade ice cream and sorbets / streusel / bergamot orange fluid gel


Halva / salted caramel  / raspberry 24.-
Chocolate fondant / goat cheese ice cream 24.-


* Mushrooms (own breeding) are subject to change

* In the absence of any of the components, we reserve the right to convert


Cream of mushroom soup

Tuna tartare / wasabi 


Risotto / octopus / rocket salad

Pork tenderloin / mashed potatoes / pak choi


Lunch (2 courses) - 39,-

Lunch menu is valid from Monday to Friday from 12.00 to 16.00

* sample menu


Amuse bouche

Tuna / ponzu / wasabi / cucumber

Bao bun / duck / red onion

Beef consommé  / oxtail / mushroom

Zander / black lentil / vegetables / beurre blanc sauce


Quail / cauliflower / pak choi

Halva / salted caramel  / raspberry

Petits fours


Tasting menu 210,-/person

The offer is available every day, to order the
all guests at the table (the table)


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Head Chef
Szymon Bracik

During his culinary adventure, he has worked in the best restaurants in Silesia and is the winner of numerous culinary competitions. He constantly develops his passion and fascination for cooking. He is currently Head Chef of The Water Tower Restaurant which has repeatedly won awards from Gault & Millau and is listed in the Poland 100 Best Restaurants List.


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Ceramic Studio

In the studio we create dishes exclusively for the Water Tower restaurant. In-house original designs allow us to create batches of unique, unrepeatable products. Our tableware is generally made of porcelain and clay, but some fittings have  been made from metal, glass and wood.


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With over 50 years experience in cultivating crop mushrooms, The Water Tower Restaurant can offer its guests many dishes enriched with the rarest species of freshly picked mushrooms. Primarily these are medicinal mushrooms which are very rare in their natural environment and some of them are under protection (including Hericium erinaceus, Clitocybe nuda, Lingzhi mushroom and Grifola frondosa).

Lion's mane mushroom

(Hericium erinaceum)

In Poland, the lions mane mushroom is found very rarely on the wood of deciduous trees and is under protection. Due to the characteristic construction of its fruiting body, which is almost spherical and covered with tiny icicles, it is sometimes dubbed "a monkeys head" or "an old mans beard". This fungus has a tender, slightly sweet and nutty flavour. It contains valuable bio-vital substances. First of all, these are amino acids, as well as zinc, iron and selenium, all crucial for our bodies. Hericium erinaceus complements the treatment of diseases of the stomach, nervous system and the digestive system.


(Pleurotus djamor)

Shiitake is a very well-known fungus cultivated for its palatability, aroma and medicinal properties.In traditional Chinese medicine it also known as the "elixir of life" due to its unique composition, which helps recover vigour and vitality, strengthen the immune system and fight stress. However, its most important advantage consists in the effects of a complex carbohydrate, which stimulates the immune system to fight cancer cells and prevents ageing. Shitake mushroom is the worlds oldest fungus cultivated by man. It rejuvenates the body from the inside, thus allowing to keep a youthful appearance and well-being longer. It is a powerful oxidizing agent, it destroys free radicals and prevents skin ageing.

Velvet Pioppini

(Agrocybe Aegerita)

In the wild, the poplar mushroom is found mainly in the Mediterranean. In Central and Northern Europe it is quite rare. The fungus usually occur in clumps, on stumps and branches of poplar and willow trees, and also on elms, ashes and elders.
Poplar mushroom is widely appreciated primarily for its taste. In this respect, it is often compared to truffles. It is one of the worlds oldest cultivated mushrooms.
Extracts of the fungus have antioxidant, anticarcinogenic and antifungal properties.


(Pholiata Nameko)

This species naturally occurs in Northern Japan, and also in the colder regions of China. It is found on the wood of dead oak and beech trees.

Nameko is a valuable species of fungus, both for its nutritional value and medicinal properties. It lowers the level of bad cholesterol, regulates blood pressure, nervous system and digestive system and has anticarcinogenic, antithrombotic, antibiotic and antiviral properties. It also regulates the liver and kidney action. It strengthens the human immune system.

Pink Oyster Mushrooms

(Pleurotus djamor)

In the wild, this fungus appears in tropical and subtropical climate, because it requires high temperatures. The primordia are formed at a temperature of 18-25 °C, and the fruiting bodies may grow in 20-30 °C.
The fruiting bodies are characterized by a pinkish-orange colour. These oyster mushrooms have been found to contain polysaccharides, called beta-glucans. Thanks to these compounds they have been successfully applied in medicine. Beta-glucans have the ability to reduce cholesterol and glucose levels in the blood. They exhibit antiviral, antibacterial and anti-allergic properties.

Royal Oyster Mushroom


It owes its royal connotations to the tasty and sizeable fruiting bodies of a strong aroma and unique flavour. In the wild, it occurs in Eastern Europe, Northern Africa and Central Asia. Its fruiting bodies grow right from the ground, on the roots of burnt or withered deciduous trees. It may also be found as a facultative parasite on dying plants of field eryngo.
Lowers blood sugar level and regulates cholesterol level, strengthens the walls of blood vessels, reduces the intraocular pressure, contains substances applied in cancer treatment, strengthens the immunity

Yellow Oyster Mushroom

(Pleurotus citrinopileatus)

It is one of the most interesting species of oyster mushrooms of unique palatability and interesting looks. In the wild, it is present in Asia, and may be found there mainly on the wood of oak, beech, poplar and elm.
With a lightly sweetish taste, it has  very juicy flesh. These mushrooms are perfect for vegetarian dishes. The golden oyster mushroom has multiple medicinal properties, for which it is valued worldwide. Apart from the taste, oyster mushrooms have a high nutritional value. They are rich in easily digestible protein, amino acids, B vitamins and mineral salts. The fruiting bodies of oyster mushrooms have been found to contain active anticarcinogenic substances as well as  substances reducing blood cholesterol levels.


(Grifola frondosa)

The name Maitake comes from the Japanese words: “mai” (dance) and “take” (fungus), meaning simply "the dancing mushroom". In Poland it appears very rarely in the wild on the roots of deciduous trees, such as beech, oak, maple and hornbeam, and in deciduous forests where they seem to grow from the ground. It is subject to strict protection! One of the most endangered species, due to its edibility, the sheer size and conspicuous shape. The mushrooms are found in a variety of colours, from white to dark grey. The caps overlap each other, giving the impression of dancing butterflies. Due to the proven healing properties of this fungus, it is qualified under "vital fungi" used in mycotherapy.

REISHI Mushroom


Ganoderma lucidum grows in Poland in natural conditions on the wood of deciduous trees. It is quite rare and deserves protection. The unusual properties of the reishi fungus were discovered in China almost 2,000 years ago. It was called the "plant of immortality". In the wild, it was so rare that it was valued higher than gold due to its healing properties. People were ready to travel to remote places just to obtain and apply its medicinal qualities. It was sought for by kings and praised by poets.

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    43-200 Pszczyna

    Opening hours monday - saturday 12:00 - 23:00
    sunday 12:00 - 21:00

    Reservation tel.: 781 040 000
    e-mail: rezerwacja@wodnawieza.pl

    Water Tower Office Monday - Friday: 09:00 - 14:00
    tel.: 32 448 54 54
    fax: 32 448 55 88
    e-mail: biuro@wodnawieza.pl

    WORK Applications should be sent to e-mail:

    The Water Tower

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